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Melbourne, Victoria

+61 (0) 418 545 799





About ISC

Our Mission


It is our mission to provide a safe and secure environment for international students to both study and socialise when they are in Australia.  Our intention is to provide international students and all relevant stakeholders with the education and tools to provide this safe and secure environment by providing world’s best practices from within the security industry.  Our goals will be achieved by working closely with all stakeholders and in some cases external agencies to support and encourage students to reach their academic potential in a safe and secure environment.

Core Values

  • We encourage independence, strength of character and self-worth of students who are under our care whilst embracing diversity within our work place.  
  • We are committed to ensuring the physical safety and emotional well-being of all international students placed under our care.
  • We encourage the growth and development of international students through positive interaction.
  • We are dedicated to providing a quality of service that promotes peace of mind for parents of international students studying in Australia.
  • We insist upon the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour in our dealings with each other, our clients and our community.
  • We constantly strive to conduct ourselves in a polite, ethical and honest manner & encourage professionalism in our actions and our deeds.
  • We accept responsibility for our actions and continually reassess our professional and personal lives to ensure we are acting in a sound and ethical manner.
  • We will endeavour to serve our clients with knowledge, skill, loyalty, creativity, perseverance and care.
  • We are conscious of attaining our clients objectives and goals in the most efficient practical manner.

International Student Care, 

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

email: [email protected]

Ph: +61 (0) 418 545 799



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