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Melbourne, Victoria

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The International Student Care Consultancy Group has a team of highly trained and fully accredited ex-law enforcement officers with over 100 years of combined experience with their respective law enforcement agencies.  Our teams are experts in State and Federal Legislation.  With our law enforcement backgrounds we are experts in implementing risk management and crisis intervention strategies.



Mark Tully

Senior Partner / Chief Executive Officer


Mark has a combined 35 years of experience working in the law enforcement and security industry.  Whilst serving with the Victoria Police he worked in both uniform general duties and specialized in surveillance and covert investigations working with the Bureau Criminal Investigation Drug Squad Surveillance Unit & the Crime Departments Surveillance Unit.  During his covert operations Mark also worked with both State and Federal covert operatives and Agencies.  

Mark also spent time in the field of diplomatic close personal protection which included conducting risk and threat assessments for visiting international dignitaries.  He was also heavily immersed in Victoria’s gangland killings which were made more infamous by the Underbelly TV series.  

Mark was also recognized for his bravery and courage on two separate occasions when he was awarded with a Royale Humane Society Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct.

After leaving the Victoria Police Force in 2002 Mark established International Student Care Consultancy Group with the sole intention of bringing an integrated risk management process to international students, education providers and Registered Training Organizations.      


Stephen Wilson

Senior Partner / Global Development


Stephen has a combined 37 years of experience working in law enforcement, defence, security, investigations and the hospitality industry.  Whilst serving with the Victoria Police he worked within the National Crime Authority, Drug Squad, Licensing, Gaming and Vice Branch, and as a Criminal Investigator. 

He is recognized as Australia’s “First long term Undercover Police Operative” in operations for up to 14 months in duration and this led to the Victoria Police Chief Commissioners Award. Whilst serving with the Victoria Police Force Stephen was responsible for the investigation of child neglect,large scale drug importations, race fixing and frauds across Australia and the globe.

He is a subject matter expert in the field of Liquor Licensing and Security surrounding hotels, nightclubs, large events and has been involved in a Senate Committee Enquiry into Drug and Alcohol abuse.

Stephen is passionate about the protection of people and not just property.  This is his area of expertise and the value that he can add to the safety, security and welfare of international students.

Stephen has three young children and understands the concerns of parents when their children are travelling and being educated in distant places.


Steven Schultze

Senior Partner / Global Operations


Steven has a combined 35 years of experience working in the law enforcement, security industry and family violence sector.  Whilst serving with the Victoria Police Force he performed duties with the Homicide Squad, Armed Robbery Squad and the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence.  Amongst many other courses he has completed the internationally recognized FBI Advanced Covert Training Course.  He is an experienced and decorated investigator responsible for complex and serious crime investigations including compilation of confidential reports and Supreme Court briefs of evidence.

Since leaving the Victoria Police Force Steven has continued his passion for protecting individuals by becoming a recognized expert in relation to the implementation of risk, safety management strategies within the Family Violence Sector.  

Steven still works closely with victims, services and Government Departments within the family violence sector and justice system. His initiatives include first and emergency response solutions as well as assessing and implementing safety measures around family violence victims with the intent of preventing serious injury or death whilst allowing victims to remain within their own community.

In March 2014 Steve attended and completed Advanced Domestic Violence Training conducted by the International Family Justice Alliance

International Student Care, 

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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