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Melbourne, Victoria

+61 (0) 418 545 799




The InternationalStudentCare Consultancy Group has a team of highly trained and fully accredited ex law enforcement officers with over 100 years of combined experience with their respective law enforcement agencies.  Our investigation teams are expert in State Legislation and are fully accredited licensed private investigators.  With our law enforcement backgrounds we are experts in implementing risk management and crisis intervention strategies.


  • Investigators are fully licenced and accredited private investigators who are former law enforcement officers.
  • Investigators are fully conversant with all current Federal/State Legislation
  • Investigations are conducted in a discreet and thorough manner
  • Investigators are experts in the gathering, continuity and storage of evidence when conducting investigations
  • Investigators will liaise with all relevant law enforcement agencies as any ongoing inquiries are conducted
  • Investigators will provide continual updates during the course of the investigation
  • Investigators are experts in the presentation of any evidence they have gathered in any subsequent court proceedings
  • Investigators will provide a written report at the completion of any investigation which will contain recommendations to ensure the ongoing viability of any service offered by our clients
  • Investigators will at all times conduct themselves in the knowledge they are representatives of International Student Care and our respective clients